Roof Cleaning in Troy MI


If you are looking for roof cleaning in Troy, you do not have to look any farther than our team at G&S Window Washing and Gutter Cleaning. We have extensive experience with roof cleaning services that we are excited to share with you. Our team of expert professionals is willing to go above and beyond to help lend you a hand when you need it the most. Cleaning your roof on a regular basis can provide you with a long list of benefits. Many people do not even think of cleaning their roofs because they do not see how it can benefit them. However, you would be surprised by how beneficial having a clean roof can be. Your roof is probably one part of your home that you do not often think about unless it is giving you trouble. If you do not give your roof the tender loving care it needs, you could be facing expensive repairs.

Quality Roof Cleaning in Troy

Having your roof cleaned can prevent mold and moss from building up on the top of your shingles. Having moss and mold growing on your shingles can lead to them rotting or becoming loose. Plus, a build up of this type of growth can allow water to sneak in the cracks of your shingles. Cleaning your roof on a regular basis can allow moss and mold to be swept away, which ensures that you will not have to worry about them causing you problems. Plus, having the mold and other gross stuff washed off your roof will make your roof look brighter and more attractive. No one wants to have a roof that is covered in grime and dirt because your roof is one part of your home that everyone can see.

Increase Your Overall Curb Appeal

If you are looking to increase the overall curb appeal of your home, having your roof cleaned can help you accomplish that. Having your roof cleaned can eliminate the appearance of dark stains that draw unwanted attention to your roof. It is common to see black streaks on the roofs of homes that is caused by the growth of algae. Regular roof cleaning appointments can sweep away roof discoloration due to the growth of algae. Dark stains on the roof of your home are not only unattractive, but they tend to attract more heat during the warm summer months, which can ultimately increase your energy bills.

Maintain the Warranty on Your Shingles

A good way to maintain the warranty on your shingles is to have your roof cleaned on a regular basis. You should at least try to have your roof cleaned twice a year to ensure that mold and algae donít build up. Most shingle warranties are only honored by the manufacturer if the roof was maintained properly. By having your roof cleaned, you know that you did your part to maintain your roof and your shingles. Contact our team today to schedule a free estimate for our professional services.