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Hard water, grime, dust, and dirt can stick to your window and make it look dirty and unappealing. At G&S Window Washing and Gutter Cleaning, Inc., we specialize in providing excellent and professional window cleaning services. For several decades, we have been serving the window cleaning needs of clients in Troy, MI, and nearby cities. Whether you are cleaning the windows of your commercial or residential property, we will get the job done promptly and brilliantly.

What Are The Processes Involved In Window Cleaning?

Below is the window cleaning process that will leave your home with a spotless window, thus, making you the envy of all passersby:

Preparing The Window:  This process involves preparing all the space around the window area ready for the cleaning. It is not proper to dash into washing without preparing. Some part of this process includes carefully raising the blinds, removing and dusting screens, grids, sill, and edges of the window frame. Covering of floor under the window, and if furniture is around, it must also be removed to avoid getting wet.

Washing The Window: After preparing and getting the window ready for washing.  Then you can dive into washing proper. The process involves wetting the windows inside and outside and scrubbing the window with a grade brush and some window cleaning solution. Afterward, a squeegee will be used to remove the water from the glass.

Detailing The Window: The detailing process of a window is as important as the washing. This process involves the careful observation of the just washed window, checking all the areas that might need more attention, and making sure the job is perfectly done with no spots or smudges, sticky fingerprints left anywhere on the glass.

Finishing The Window: This is the last step of the window cleaning process, it involves the cleaning up of the whole process. The blinds that were raised needs to come back down. Also, check the floor for any drops of water and moving the materials that were moved earlier back to their position.

How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

Clean windows boost the curb appeal for your property and can last long as the dirt doesn’t have a chance to build up to a level where it can compromise the glass. But many times, people wonder how often they should get the windows cleaned.

It is recommended that your windows will be cleaned monthly, especially if the house is located in an area where dirt and pollen can stick easily. However, some factors like surroundings, location, personal image of the owner, can also affect the frequency of cleaning.

Choose Us for Your Window Cleaning In Troy

At G&S Window Washing and Gutter Cleaning, Inc., we offer quality workmanship, excellent, prompt, and reliable services. Our trusted experts will execute your window cleaning project to the best of their abilities. We will leave your home with clean and crystal clear windows that will improve the aesthetics and curb appeal of the property. With us, you are guaranteed to get quality and outstanding services.