Gutter Cleaning Beverly Hills


Do you feel that your gutter needs cleaning? G&S Window Washing & Gutter Cleaning offers the services in gutter cleaning in Beverly Hills. Our company has a license and insurance to provide excellent services. We aim to serve customers with the highest quality workmanship with the culture of honesty and mutual respect with employees and customers.

How to clean gutters?

If you plan to clean the gutters yourself, you can try the scoop and drop method. Lay a tarp or any old sheet on the ground next to the ladder. This will prevent the debris from scattering all over your lawn.  Using a pair of gloves or a small garden trowel scoop out leaves and other debris onto the tarp. Move the tarp as you move along the other areas of the gutter.

Also, make sure that you scrape the debris away the downpipe to prevent blockage. Scoop out the debris safely, making sure that the gutter is within your reach. Do not place the ladder too far away that you would need to reach it out. Also, if you will be using a metal trowel in scooping out debris, make sure that you will not scrape and damage the bottom of the gutter.

But, if the task is too tedious and dirty for you, we recommend that you hire companies that will have services in gutter cleaning in Beverly Hills. Cleaning gutters is one of the home maintenance chores that people hate to do. It is usually not safe and dirty.

Gutter cleaning tools

Cleaning gutters will be easier if you use the appropriate tools. A tall, stable ladder is the most important tool in cleaning gutters. You need a ladder that will be long enough to reach your gutters. Also, you may use stabilizers to hold the base of the ladder. You will also need thick and durable gloves to protect your hands and prevent possible injuries.

You may also use hand trowels or a small rake to remove the debris easier. This will help remove debris stuck in a gutter seam. A hose spray will help you remove fine debris. This will also help you determine any leaks or blockages in your gutters. You may also use a plumber snake to open up water drainage clogs.

How often do you clean gutters?

Experts recommend cleaning gutters at least twice every year, once during spring and fall. Dry leaves, tree branches, and other debris can accumulate in your gutter during summer and may overflow during the rainy season. But depending on the climate the landscape of your house, you may do it more often.

You can tell the need to clean it by looking at the amount of debris on the gutter. It is important to clean it to prevent it from damaging your roof and creating water leakage. It may also be a breeding place for different pests and rodents.

G&S Window Washing & Gutter Cleaning will help you in maintaining the cleanliness of your gutter. We do services such as window and gutter cleaning in Beverly Hills. Contact us now!