Gutter Cleaning Birmingham


Are you looking for someone who will do gutter cleaning in Birmingham? G&S Window Washing & Gutter Cleaning will provide you with gutter cleaning services at your home or commercial property. We have been providing extensive cleaning services in the area since 1999.

Why do you need to keep your gutters clean?

Gutters clogged with leaves, tree branches, garbage, and other debris can cause damage to the interior and exterior of your homes. It can cause a leaky roof and water damage. A dirty gutter may also be a breeding place for different pests, rodents, and which may not just affect the beauty and well-being of your homes but may affect the health of your family.

You should clean your gutters usually twice a year, during spring and fall. However, it still depends on the number of tall trees in your backyard and the wind conditions. You should always ensure that it is clean and free of debris before and after the rainy season as it will be hard for the rainwater to go down and may cause an overflow.

How do you do gutter cleaning in your homes?

Since gutters are in higher areas of your home, you will need a ladder to reach it. You should practice ladder safety, especially while setting up the ladder, in climbing, descending, and working on the ladder. Ensure that the ladder is stable before climbing, especially if you have an unsteady lawn and garden outside. Also, keep your body between the rails while working. Avoid leaning your body and reaching out to prevent falling.

For collecting the debris, lay out a tarp underneath the gutters to avoid the debris scattering on your lawn. Use a pair of gloves or a garden trowel in scooping out the leaves and sediments. You can also use a hose to flush finer debris. Cleaning gutters is one of the home maintenance chores that people hate to do. It is usually not safe and dirty. But you donít need to do it yourself. You can hire companies that will have services in gutter cleaning in Birmingham.

Cost of gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning usually will cost homeowners $150 on average with a range of $110 to $185. This will depend on how large your home is and how dirty the gutters are. For two-story homes with 200 linear feet gutters, it usually costs more ranging from $125 to $250. A one-story house starts at $75 for light cleaning and $200 for heavy cleaning.

Price hikes usually happen on certain circumstances. If you havenít cleaned your gutter for more than one year, it will cost you more since the cleaner will need extra time to clean it completely. Also, if the support holding up your gutter system is coming loose or broken, it will cost more. Gutter guards will also have additional costs as the cleaner will need to remove the gutter guards to clean the debris.

G&S Window Washing & Gutter Cleaning offers the best gutter cleaning in Birmingham. We also do window cleaning and rood washing. Call us for a free estimate.