Roof Cleaning Rochester


Are you looking for the best roof cleaning in Rochester? A roof cleaning service that will not only boost your curb appeal but also maintain your roof and boost the value of your house? Then G&S Window Washing & Gutter Cleaning is the best professional roof cleaning service for you.

What we do if there is damage to the roof

As soon as you contact us for your roof cleaning in Rochester, we come by for a routine roof inspection. We will detect any repairs you may need during this assessment. Before the cleaning, we will make a note of the damages and clean keeping in mind not to cause further damage to these areas. After the cleaning, we replace and repair any damages.

We can guarantee you the highest possible service on account of our years of experience and expertise. We have been doing roof cleaning since 1999, are insured and licensed to perform roof cleaning. Each of our technicians wears a uniform provided by the company making it easy for you to identify the technician working on your roof. We pride ourselves on prompt scheduling of visits and responsive and courteous office staff.

How often should you clean the roof?

If you are ensuring proper maintenance of the roof, regularly removing any debris on it, you should expect to clean your roof after every two years. When it comes to gutter cleaning, you should routinely do it every year to avoid debris build-up and blockage. 

When debris builds up, it adds heat and contributes to rot and decay on the roof, and promotes the growth of moss. By routinely rinsing off your roof, you remove this debris, and you can also notice any missing or damaged shakes that need replacement or repair. With us, you also get routine maintenance for the control of moss and debris.

Will the roof cleaning leave a mess?

Roof cleaning is usually a very messy process. When cleaning the roof, the dirty waters can and probably will run down your house’s exterior causing dirt streaks. You need not worry about staining your pristine exterior walls. We make sure that, when the cleaning process completes, your home’s exterior will look just as good as before. It will actually look even better because the clean roof will perfectly complement it.

We ensure total top-to-bottom clean up as soon as we complete the roof cleaning. We thoroughly double-check the work making sure that there are no spots left or missed and that the service provided is at par with our quality standards. The dirtier the roof is, the more black the runoff is and the more cleaning there is to do. But do not be alarmed by the mess during the process because afterward we thoroughly rinse the mess up.

Does this sound like the kind of service you would like to receive with your roof cleaning in Rochester? Then contact G&S Window Washing & Gutter Cleaning today.